Free delivery to Finland and all other countries. Free refund.


If you decide to buy someone’s products, we hope it meets your expectations

However, if you are disappointed with your choice, you can return the product and we will refund your purchase. To return the product, please contact us, we will send a ready-made address label, which you will just affix to the box of the return shipment. In Finland, the return will be delivered to Posti's office.

Any returns of products shipped abroad to the countries listed may be delivered to any DHL service point. If the products have been delivered through Fedex, the return must be delivered to a Fedex service point.

Free shipping and returns apply to all countries.

We deliver products to Finland through the transport services provided by Pakettikauppa. We deliver to other countries either through the Parcel Store or shipped by Fedex.

In Finland, the products are delivered to the nearest pick-up point and abroad directly to your door.

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