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On the site you can do the following

You can access this page via the “My Page” section of the top menu. While logged in, the “Log Out” section will appear in the top menu. Seeing it means you're signed in.


  • you can register, you will get your own IDs
  • you can log in if you already have IDs
  • you can go ahead to the Partner section with three options
    • if you go there without logging in directly, you will find a form to log in there
    • if you go there but aren't yet an approved Partner, you'll see a button to apply for membership in the Partner Program
    • if you go there and are already a Partner, you'll see a dashboard where you can find more information in the drop-down menu

Was this study of any use? Anyway, good luck with your trip!

P.S. If you need additional advice, you can ask by email or call Markku: markku@tuoriniemi.fi +358 440 244 111

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