Flowers scarf

The product is made of comfortable 100% merino wool

We do not make large quantities of products in stock in advance, but we always make them according to demand. At present, the delivery time for Flowers products is about two weeks.

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Design Kaislakerttu Lehtovaara

The scarf is made in Finland. We knit it in Lieto. Thanks to the many colors of the floral pattern designed by Kaislakertu, the scarf can be easily adapted to dress in different colors.

Scarf care instructions

Merino wool care instructions

The product is made of fine merino wool. The yarn has not been machine washed, so it must be washed by hand. Place the product to dry on a level surface.

A scarf made of natural material likes ventilation.

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    Sahara -

    I bought this a few years ago and have been using it daily all fall and winter. The scarf still looks like new, even though it has been used a lot. The scarf is really warm and stylish. Also thin enough to go comfortably under a winter coat.

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