Flax linen blouse with kimono sleeve


A basic blouse everywhere that you can combine with linen jackets, for example.

This sweater is made in our knitwear and is made of organic organic linen.

We do not manufacture this product in stock, we do it after receiving the order. We also strive to save nature in this regard, avoiding unnecessary manufacturing. When ordering, you can also make your own wishes regarding the dimensions. You can see our measurements in the measurement table. If we are unable to fulfill your wishes, we will contact you before manufacturing. The knit does not shrink in the wash.


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Dimension table


The length of the man

52 54 56 58 60 62 64


96 100 104 108 112 116 120

Width cuff-cuff

62 64 66 68 70 72 74

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Lovely touch of linen in the sweater

Linen is lnatural material, which feels pleasant, absorbs moisture effectively and dries quickly. The linen knit has a luxurious feel because it breathes and feels cool even in the heat. Linen is known to be durable and is therefore considered an excellent material for sheets, for example. The delicate wrinkling of flax is often mentioned as a negative property. It is due to the stiffness of the flax. However, the linen knit forms an elastic bandage which effectively prevents wrinkling of the linen blouse. Linen repels dirt, is easy to clean, does not lint and softens and improves over the years. In addition to all this, flax is an antibacterial and non-allergenic material.

Linen is an ecological choice

In the cultivation of flax, groundwater is saved because it does not require irrigation. The rain alone is enough to irrigate the crop, flax thrives in dry growing areas. It needs fewer chemical plant protection products, which, for example, are not used at all by the yarn manufacturer we use. The material of this linen blouse is organic linen. We have made it ourselves from yarn to finished product. We also know how flax is grown and yarn is made. Therefore, this product is produced responsibly and transparently.

Sweater care instructions

Instructions for washing a linen blouse

You can wash the knit 40% in the machine wash with a gentle program. Turn the product in the right direction to keep the seams better. This sweater is wet-treated during manufacture, so that it no longer shrinks during washing. During the first washings, a small amount of lint or surface paint may come off. For that reason, you should consider what clothes you can wash with it at the same time. Dry the product at its level. If the product has curled during washing, you can correct it to dry when setting. Linen knit improves and softens in use. This linen blouse can stay like new for a long time as long as you take care of it. The sweater should also be ventilated several times, breathable natural material likes it.

Immediately after washing, the linen feels a little hard, but soon it becomes pleasantly soft again when used.

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2 reviews for the product Flax linen blouse with kimono sleeve

  1. a1f3770fdd648ad6a45a0b80e97da51e?s=80&d=mm&r=g

    May (verified author) -

    A wonderful shirt arrived in a new home today! Really good design and gray color beautiful. Definitely a great shirt for the summer heat. I recommend!

  2. 29ab2ce6d143d859498fb7a15aa1490a?s=80&d=mm&r=g

    Land defence (verified author) -

    I ordered a gold sweater. However, the color in nature is closer to the color of ocher. Of course it will be used, although not quite the best color for itself.

    • f342785b119ac33119d9f8740615ed20?s=80&d=mm&r=g

      Mark -

      Thanks Kaisu for the good comment.
      You're right, okra describes that color better.
      We change the color of the ocher to a name.
      I hope you are happy with the sweater anyway.

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