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We will be adding ale products to this page

In order to save nature, we strive to promote responsible consumption. As a result, we only make products after we have received the order, thus avoiding unnecessary manufacturing. On these pages we sell some of the knitwear we already have ready at discounted prices. Grab the chance!

There are outgoing dyes and other knitwear that we want to sell cheaply. There are often some individual knitwear left over from the manufacture that we put up for sale here at a discounted price. We try to put an explanation of why the knit has gotten here according to the products. Some may contain small errors, which are described for each product

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Outlet merino wool knitwear

100% merino wool is an excellent material for knitwear. Its soft touch pleases the user. On this page you may find individual merino wool knitwear that for some reason ended up on this page. If you find a sweater that suits you, grab the opportunity immediately, possibly for another occasion, this product in a size that suits you may not be found a second time. You can find merino wool knitwear on the website Merino, HS ugly truth (more information Helsingin Sanomat Ruma-truth about sweaters täältä) and Etgraft sweaters.



Outlet linen knitwear

100% organic linen is an eco-friendly choice. Linen absorbs moisture well, it is dirt-repellent, antistatic and beautifully settles. Thanks to its good moisture absorption capacity, linen is pleasantly cool in hot and warm in cool. Due to its antistatic properties, the linen knit does not electrify, guaranteeing good settling in all conditions. Linen is an excellent knit material also because it does not wrinkle so delicately like a fabric. We put linen knitwear on this site for various reasons, such as knitwear with removal items and small flaws. You can also find linen knitwear on the website linen tunic, linen blouse, linen dresslinen jacket ja Etgraf sweaters. Knowledge linen.



All our Outlet knitwear is ready in stock

As a rule, we only manufacture the products after we have received the order. Here, too, we want to take nature into account, avoiding unnecessary manufacturing. We also challenge our customers to take on this responsibility. You have to wait a bit for the product you buy, but at the same time you have the opportunity to influence the product you buy by presenting your own wishes. We strive to fulfill your wishes to the best of our ability. We always strive to deliver the ordered products as quickly as possible to us. If you wish to make your own wishes, this will not affect your right of exchange or return. Although our aim is to avoid production, for various reasons, there will always be products that remain in stock. This page is for those products and all the pacifiers on this page are immediately in stock and we are able to deliver them quickly. And best of all, these knits also have the same right of exchange and return as all of our other products.

Free delivery

As with all other products, deliveries of our Outlet products are free of charge.