Linen tunic

Linen tunic knit is a comfortable garment. In knitwear, linen does not wrinkle so easily. Because linen is an antistatic material, the knit retains its good descent in all conditions. All our linen knitwear is wet treated, they no longer shrink in the first wash. The linen material is dirt-repellent and antibacterial, it is worth ventilating it frequently, which reduces the need for washing. We strive to save nature by avoiding unnecessary manufacturing. As a rule, we only manufacture the products after we have received the order.

Experience the wonderful touch of linen

Linen tunic, comfortable fit

The hollow structure of linen gives it good moisture absorption. This makes the knit not feel sweaty on top. Nevertheless, it is also heated to cool.

Linen tunics are knitted from ties that are sloping and light. This good settability is further enhanced by the fact that flax is an antistatic material which, as a non-electrified material, retains its settability under all conditions.  

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