Apply for a partnership

You could become a recommender of the Tuoriniemi shop. It will succeed through an affiliate program. You can apply for a membership, and start your own referral. Getting involved is simple.

  • Register with the system
  • We accept you as a partner
  • You get yourself your own control panel where you can see
    • Clicks on your links
    • sales
    • commissions
    • conversion rate
    • commissions paid to you
    • your own discount codes.

Get started

With a simple editor, you can make as many links to our site as you want and share them wherever you want. The links for you identify the customer and allow for rewards. In fact, there are more opportunities to earn.

  • You will be paid a fee for the purchase of a customer who comes to the site via the link
  • Every customer who visits your site through your link will generate commissions for you for the next 30 days if they make a purchase.
  • When a customer marked for you buys this within 30 days, you will receive a reward and in addition he will become a marked customer for you. His purchases will generate commissions for you even after the 30-day period of his first visit ends. He will stay tagged for you for now. As long as we let it continue. We reserve the right to change this rule, but we may never do so.
  • Another option might be to give you a personal discount code. When anyone uses this code in their purchase, it generates a commission for you. This customer does not need to come to our site via the link you shared, it is enough to use your code.

Payment of fees

The fee is paid as a percentage of the tax-free price of the product. We pay a 20% commission on all purchases made to the system partner. We keep the bitterness rate the same for these “eternal customers” as well. We reserve the right to change these percentages, but if this system can reduce our own marketing costs, we may maintain this at all times.

This could be your chance

You should now take advantage of all the contacts you own. You can share the links the way you want on Facebook, blogs, and whatever you come up with. We have planned to give the best recommenders products to see and, for example, for their own use, in order to get a better feel. Organic linen and mulesing-free merino wool are such wonderful materials that you might love our products yourself. Recommending is real if you also like the products yourself.

We have been making knitwear for over 40 years. Come and support Finnish entrepreneurship, you may earn it yourself.

The fee is taxable income

You can be a partner as an individual or a company.

There is no obligation for private individuals to pay the ancillary costs of a normal salary in Finland, as the Partner is not an employee of Tuoriniemi. For fees for which we do not receive information on the withholding tax rate, we will have to withhold 60% withholding tax. If your final tax charges are lower than the prepayments, the additional tax will be paid to you as a tax refund. We therefore recommend that everyone obtain a compensation tax card. You do not need to do this when registering as an affiliate. The tax card used to pay the employee’s salary is not valid for this purpose. The compensation tax card is easy to obtain from Omavero. Before paying the fees, we will ask for the fee separately from the recipient of the fee and agree on a safe way to submit a copy of the compensation tax card and at the same time ask for an account number to which we can pay the fees. Fees paid to private individuals are not subject to VAT

If the recipient of the premium is taxable elsewhere than in Finland, the information on the payment of the premium is reported as a total at the end of the year to the taxpayer of the country where he is taxable

If you have registered as a company and your company has a Finnish withholding tax number, we can pay the fees in full to this company. If your company is subject to VAT in Finland, the VAT valid for these products in Finland will be added to the fee paid.

We wish you success

We ourselves do not know how to make a significant contribution to this program. However, if that happens, we really have nothing against it.

This won't cost you anything, you can start, even here!

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