History of Neulomo Tuoriniemi Dream Oy since 1980


Knitting was started in the 80's


Knitting's operations began in 1980. From 1980 to 1999, the company was Tuoriniemi Ky. In 1999, Tuoriniemi Dream Oy was founded. All operations were transferred to this company.

Initially, the knitting mill produced patterned knits made with mechanical knitting machines. The first computer-controlled knitting machine was acquired in the early 90s.

CMS 400 knitting machine CMS-400 knitting machine

First, the CMS 400, a 4-lock flatbed machine with a wide needle bed, was purchased. The possibilities provided by the machine are still useful. The 4 locks on the machine allow you to flexibly make models that are difficult to make with the currently popular three-lock machines. The next acquisition was Diamond FRJ 21. It is a carousel machine whose best feature is the ability to use a wealth of colors. Another CMS440 was later acquired.


Memories of the 90's

Thanks to more versatile knitting machines, the development of collections in the 90s took to a new level. That’s when we collaborated with well-known brands. The designs were made in collaboration with each customer’s designer. We manufactured the ordered products as a subcontractor. Our customers were e.g. Marimekko, Annikki Karvinen, Anne Linnonmaa and Marja Kurki. We also did consulting for other knitters and went to make their collections with a slightly similar idea in collaboration with customers ’designers. Continuous and versatile product development work for demanding customers developed our knitting technology expertise.

Own collections in the 2000st century

The continuous development of new models was very demanding and resource consuming. In the late 90s, the company developed a new kind of operating strategy. The goal was to design collections that would accomplish a few things. Collections should be long-lasting, have something different in design, and attract attention to their appearance.

In order to achieve longevity, marketing had to support this idea. Therefore, resellers whose customers are constantly changing were selected as customers. Shops whose customers are largely tourists are best suited for this purpose. Our products have been sold e.g. airports, ports and tourist destinations in Lapland.

Remember a different way to make a knit was developed using a carousel machine. An implementation could be developed for it, in which the pattern knit was made to look beautiful without the yarn loops behind the knit. Thanks to the features of the knitting machine, a lot of colors could be added to the patterns. One model may have up to 22 colors, which is impossible to implement in practice on other machines.

The goal of doing something eye-catching led us to Kaislakerttu Lehtovaara's speeches. From the end of the 80's, Kaislakerttu designed hand-held collections that attracted attention and made Kaislakert known. In collaboration with him, a new collection with a technical implementation was developed, which is still sold. The sweaters designed by Kaislakertu are very beautiful and thanks to his excellent color eyes, up to 20 different colors harmonize nicely into a single whole.


Cooperation with Helsingin Sanomat

In the autumn of 2018, we produced a collection of five ugly ugly sweaters for Helsingin Sanomat. We get to manufacture and resell them and 10% of the sale price goes to nature conservation for every sweater we sell. We will donate this amount to the John Nurminen Foundation for the Protection of the Baltic Sea.


Organic linen, a responsible choice

We have put all our skills into the game to do something that the customer will feel comfortable wearing and can emphasize their individuality. Already in the 90's, we made several collections of linen for Marimekko, and at the same time we learned to overcome the challenges posed by linen for knitting. We wanted to re-use flax and chose organic flax as the material. We want to bring it as an alternative to cotton. Linen is a solution that is responsible for nature. The linen knit is very comfortable to wear and very long lasting.


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