Tuoriniemi, 40 years of knitwear production

In Lieto, near Turku, we make high-quality knitwear from fine Italian merino wool and environmentally friendly Italian organic linen.


Company history

We have had domestic production since 1980. In the 80s, we made patterned wool knitwear, which we sold through small clothing stores. In the 90's, we subcontracted to Finnish clothing brands such as Marimekko, Marja Kurki, Annikki Karvinen, Anne Linnonmaa and Helmi Vuorelma. We made the designs in collaboration with the designers of each client. It was a rewarding and interesting time, but heavy and demanding. New collections were constantly being made and something new and special was constantly being developed. Since 2000, we have been making knitwear mainly under our own brand.


Knitted merino wool

Kaislakerttu Lehtovaara designed models for us in 1999. We developed a new binding solution for these models. These blouses, jackets and accessories made of 100% merino wool specialize in the rich use of color. It is possible with the special we have on a knitting machine, which can be used to knit products with up to 22 colors in the same knit.

We manufacture ideas conceived by Helsingin Sanomat Ugly truth about sweaters. They are also 100% merino. You can also find these sweaters from our online store. 10% of the sale price of these sweaters will be donated to the protection of the Baltic Sea through the John Nurminen Foundation.


Knitwear from organic linen

When we made linen for Marimekko in the 90's, we already learned some tricks about how linen works when knitting. Knitting with linen yarn is not easy, although linen is strong, it is rigid and its bending time is poor. We got excited linen again last spring. We have learned more and succeeded in creating new bonds in which the best properties of linen come to the fore. We found a responsible manufacturer of flax yarn in Italy, whose flax yarn is very high quality organic flax.

Linen has excellent properties. It feels cool warm and warm cool. Linen repels dirt, is easy to clean, is antibacterial and not allergenic. The surface of the linen knit does not lint. It also does not charge electrically, so it retains its descent in all conditions. Linen resembles cotton in chemical composition, but its texture is more porous, making it easier to absorb moisture. It also dries quickly. As a fabric, linen is easily wrinkled, but not nearly as easily when knitted.

Flax cultivation is very environmentally friendly. Flax thrives on dry growing media and thus does not need irrigation. The need to use fertilizers and pesticides is considerably lower than with cotton.

When you talk about flax, you often say, "Flax only gets better when you use it." It is quite true and a well-groomed linen knit will stay like new for a long time and produce joy for years to come.


Responsibility in our operations

Responsibility, transparency and Finnishness seem to be receiving more and more attention all the time. We want to be involved and we are also challenging consumers to do the same.

We have chosen flax to replace cotton because of its eco-friendliness. We avoid unnecessary manufacturing by choosing policies that support this. As a rule, we only manufacture products once they have been ordered. We utilize the cutting wastes left in production by making them all kinds of small products, such as mittens, socks and, for example, pan patches. We sell products with small defects in knitting separately at a reduced price in our online store.

Our goal is to design and manufacture knitwear that is high quality and timeless so that they can be kept and preserved for long periods of time. With this, we want to reduce the one-time consumption caused by rapidly changing fashion phenomena.

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