We manufacture high quality products in Finland knitwear of organic linen and merino wool 

Why pre-order?


Our aim is to act responsibly in all ways that save nature. Recently, attention has been paid to the problems of the clothing industry. Marta, for example, writes about these problems on their website.

Nature friendly

The life cycle of clothing depends on several different factors. The choice of materials can affect the age of the clothes and the load on the environment. We prefer natural materials, for example, because of their good properties and recyclability. The disadvantages of microplastic have become known to us all and we try to avoid the use of man-made fibers whenever possible. There is a difference in the production of natural materials as well, and we have tried to take this factor into account when choosing materials.

The way we work

Although we have tried to choose yarns that are made in the most environmentally friendly way possible, it is almost impossible to avoid any harm to nature during manufacturing. That is why we strive to focus on the real need in manufacturing. If we manufactured all the products in advance so that consumers could get what they wanted immediately, it would lead to misjudgments and, with it, unnecessary production.

Get involved in taking responsibility

So we challenge you to take on this responsibility by waiting a few days for your product to be ready. However, this will allow you, if you wish, to influence the sweater you choose. For each product, we indicate the dimensions of the japroduct and size you have selected. If you want to influence the length of the sleeve, for example, we try to fulfill your wishes to the best of our ability.

Responsible fashion

We manufacture all the products presented on these pages in our own knitwear in Lieto. We use natural fibers as materials. The yarns are 100% merino wool and 100% organic linen. We only make products after we receive your order. In this way, we strive to save nature and avoid unnecessary manufacturing. Outlet on the website you will find individual ready-made products, which we often sell at a discount. We usually deliver the products within 2 to 14 days of ordering. We challenge you to take responsibility by waiting a moment for your product to be completed.

Merino wool sweaters

We manufacture merino wool sweaters, merino wool sweaters and merino wool accessories. These accessories include beanies, scarves and mittens. Many of the merino wool knitwear we make is designed by Kaislakerttu Lehtovaara.

Manufacture of woolen knitwear

We use a lot of colors in the knitwear designed by Kaislakert. We use a slightly different knitting technique and a special knitting machine to make them. Thanks to this special machine, we are able to use an exceptionally many colors in one knit. One sweater can contain up to 22 yarns of different colors.


Merino wool cardigan. Thanks to their multicoloredness, they are compatible with several outfits of different colors



100% merino wool. Comfortable soft sweater. The file is a nice garment for many trips

Sleeveless sweater


Knitted vest in 100% merino wool and light cape in 60% merino wool

Wool beanie

Wonderfully soft 100% merino wool gives the beanie a luxurious feel.


Comfortable shoulder made of 100% merono wool


Merino wool is an excellent material for scarves. Soft and pleasantly warm.

Finnish linen knitwear

We make knitwear from linen. The flax we use is organic flax that comes to us from Italy. We manufacture linen jackets, linen blouses, linen tunics and linen dresses.


Purchasing a linen knit shows responsibility

Flax is one of the oldest crops. It has been used as a material for thousands of years. The properties of linen have pleased people through the ages. Linen fibers are largely cellulose like cotton. The chemical properties are about the same as cotton. However, the cultivation of these materials is much different. While cotton needs large amounts of irrigation water, flax thrives in dry growing areas and does not require artificial irrigation. Flax cultivation protects groundwater. The use of plant protection products is low. The yarn manufacturer we use does not use any chemical pesticides at all.


Linen is now in vogue

Although flax resembles cotton in chemical composition, flax has a more porous structure than cotton and absorbs moisture better than flax.  Flax is dirt-repellent, wear-resistant, breathable, highly moisture-absorbing and heat-conducting. A knit made of linen feels warm in cool and cool in warm weather. Flax fiber is strong, but its folding time is poor and it is rigid as a fiber. The woven linen fabric is easily wrinkled. Due to its stiffness and poor bending resistance, knitting linen is technically quite demanding. However, the knit forms an elastic weave, which means that the linen knit does not wrinkle as easily as the fabric. Get yours from our store and experience the luxurious feel of linen.

Linen blouse


Knit from linen, comfortable grip. Warm in cool and cool in hot, such is linen knit.

Linen tunic

A tunic knitted from organic linen is a comfortable garment. Descending and light, luxurious feel.

Linen dress


Knitted linen dress, nice garment.

Linen jacket


Linen is well suited as a knitwear material. Does not wrinkle like fabric. Well-groomed long-lasting garment.

Etgraf linen knitwear


The Etgraf collection, which began in 1991, gained new life when it joined our collection. In addition to woolen ribbons, we developed a collection of 100% organic linen and the result is fantastic. Try it for yourself!

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Etgraf wool knitwear


Design Marja-Riitta Bottas and Mikko Aimo-Koivisto. This is how they themselves tell the history of the collection Facebook on their website: “Etgraf started operations in 1991 in the Archipelago Sea, Houtskar. While living on the island, we designed and made patterned knitwear. We returned to Helsinki in 1996. We had a study shop at Eerikinkatu 15 for three years.

In the autumn of 2020, we started cooperating with Tuoriniemi Dreams Oy. Tuoriniemi productizes our pattern design on natural materials, merino wool and organic linen.

Knitwear sales: https://tuoriniemi.fi/

Jasmin as a model for Etgraf images. ”

HS sweater


We make Ugly Truth sweaters made of 100% merino wool, designed by Helsingin Sanomat. We pay 10% to the John Nurminen Foundation for the sale of these ugly truth sweaters. This goes to protect the Baltic Sea.

From our customers



The stars



Dr. Schlimmer Carsten (verified author) - 

I am very very happy with this sweater. The craftsmanship is outstanding, the quality absolutely spot on. Fine material and perfect fit. Every time again, especially with this supportive and friendly service by Markku.
I can highly recommend the store and the products.


Stadtkirchen linen tunic

The stars



Heli (verified author) - 

The tunic breathes well and is very comfortable to wear. I received excellent service from Tuoriniemi when I had to change the size of the tunic due to my own misjudgment. I got advice and quickly got the right size tunic for me.
Favorite clothes!


White cardigan

The stars



Jan Cardwell (verified author) - 

Received my sweater today and it is even more beautiful in person. Excellent quality and the fit is perfect. If I could I would order one of everything! Communication via email was very helpful with ordering.


House sweater

The stars



Jenni - 

I fell in love with this House pattern after seeing it here in the online store in the wool jackets section. I wanted a sweater version of the pattern for myself, but I couldn't find one ready-made in the online store. After I contacted the seller, they happily fulfilled this special wish of mine and I got a city-inspired sweater that is stylish and warm at the same time!


Merino wool beanie woolen

Reindeer wool beanie

The stars



Jenni (verified author) - 

Absolutely awesome quality and so soft! You get easily hooked on these products. At first, I only ordered this beanie, which redeemed its place as a credit hat for cold weather. Keeps the wind away and does not sweat. Fits well on the head. If he wanted to, I also got a tassel for this. I recommend buying the scarf included in the series immediately. It was a challenge to find a scarf that would fit a unique hat and I ended up ordering a set of my own scarf. The hat and scarf fit together and are not too variegated. With a solid color jacket they make the whole stylish. I highly recommend!


HS-Climate change sweater

HS Runa truth sweaters

The stars



Hurmi Juhani (verified author) - 

Thank you sweater came very quickly I was quite surprised. I already know that this is good because I have kept the sweater I ordered earlier for a long time. I ordered the HS sweater as soon as it was offered. You will find a lot of beautiful products that my wife nuts here no matter which one I choose.


High-quality merino wool cardigan

The stars



from marjaleena kumpu (verified author) - 

I received this jacket in the mail, which we ordered as a birthday present for a cheerful 90-year-old. It is really beautiful and I know she will be happy to have it.


Black cardigan

The stars



VB - 

Unbelievably warm and lovely woolen jacket made of dense but fluffy yarn. It seems to be of such good quality that it will surely last for years.

Inna - 

So very soft and good quality cardigan! Wonderful product!

River linen blouse blue

The stars



SirpaM (verified author) - 

A good blue sweater, goes well with jeans. Due to its looseness, it is versatile, even under a shirt! Usually I use size S (166 cm normal / slim), but now I ordered size M, which was just a passel.

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