Finnish linen knitwear, made of organic linen

Experience the wonderful touch of linen

In our own knitting, we also make knitwear from linen. Linen as a knitted material is a lovely material. It combines the best properties of linen. Linen is warm with cool and cool with warm. This property is due to the good moisture absorption and thermal conductivity of flax. Linen has the same chemical composition as cotton, but has a more porous structure, making it easier to absorb moisture. Linen also dries quickly.

The essence of linen

Linen is perceived as a material that wrinkles easily. The linen fabric really wrinkles easily. Although flax fiber is very durable, it is also rigid. However, the elasticity of a well-made linen knit surprisingly effectively prevents wrinkling. A good linen knit can be light, well descending and upright at the same time. We have done a lot of development work to bring these features to the fore in our knitwear. One of the great features of linen is that it does not charge electrically. Thanks to this, the descent of the sweater remains good in all conditions. Linen repels dirt, is easy to clean, does not lint and soften and improves over the years.

Choice of responsible linen, linen knitwear made in Finland

Linen is an ecological choice. Groundwater is saved, as flax does not require irrigation at all, but grows under the influence of rain. Flax thrives in dry plant areas, it does not require irrigation. Flax is also an antibacterial and non-allergenic material. Experience the luxurious essence of linen and enjoy the delightful feel it gives. With good care, the product will give you a long-lasting garment that stays clean for a long time.

100% organic linen

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